Субъективное время во внешних границах

The Picture of Boundaries for Fluctuations - The View from without.
So, 4 parameters of subjective time are discovering - outward appearance


The formalization of possible connections between Rememering the Future and Present in subjective time.

By means of four coefficient in matrix Z


 h0 and k0 are attributes of Rememering the Future ,"target" or future, here: h0=0 or h0=1, k0= 0 or k0=1;        

    h and k are attributes of Present, current moment "now",   here:  0 <h < 1,  and 0 < k <1.  

There are infinite possible motions between 16 finite states. These 16 boundaries inclusive of rich sets of mutually independent oscillations h and k in range from 0 to 1.

These boundaries inclusive of rich sets of ratios between h and k: h/k.


For comparison with other branch of cognition, for example: A Formalization of Objective and Subjective Time in Temporal Logic here >>>>>>>. 

What is deep Meditation? Deep Meditation toward an emptiness, with attainment zero – is it Matrix №14? Full of absence any wishes? №14 - naked form for future?