Model of subjective time

Above all, You are having subjective times t¹t²t³tªt´ , t' , t"t*  instead of one subjective time "t" *.

Every separate subjective time has one’s beginning, continuing and end.

* "T" - this sign of Dan Zakay (2016)

                                  Sheaf of arrows subjective times

When Albert Einstein as a thinker in his picture of the world tried to explain the world through the system 10 gravitational potentials, he formalized his ideas of time, rising from the representation level to the formal level of thinking in their relationship with the world. It is the formal level of human thinking, at which time there is only one, and any of the four spatio-temporal parameters in the source Wx (X = 1, 2, 3, 4), the displayed digits 1,2,3,4, and no matter which of these four. When albert Einstein accepted the invitation to Princeton Institute, looking at the year ahead, has been evaluated by its time (year) at the level of meaning, and specifically about money, and the question of Director Abraham Flexner the pay of their estimated time (year) to $ 3,000. Flexner immediately offered him 16,000 a year. When the Creator of General relativity was right next to the Margarita under Almarovo-blanket, the relevance acquired sense of the time at another level of psychical reflection of the world and ourselves in the world. The name "almarovo-blanket" formed from the first letters of the names of Albert and Margaret (Konenkov). Cognitive, nutritional and sexual needs of Einstein reflected: 1. in three different time relations with the world, 2. on different time scales,  3. in three different subjective times, 4. at three different levels of psychical reflection.

   The dimensionality of each separate subjective time is 2


Over and above, it is necessary interpret loosely Person-World relations, (Rubinstein S.L.)

Namely: Space & Geometry, Time & Tempometry


In particular, among them one vector is laboratorial subjective time: ho  ko , To see that vector go over >>>>>>>   


Inside of subjective time: 

     Convergence    and        Divergence  inside the "fifth" dimension – subjective time



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