Boolean concept, social psychology and Pushkin A.S.

Cardinal expansion filling Boolean matrices by mental content. Matrix representation of the parameters h, k, h °, k °

 Boolean constants are only two, they are usually denoted 0 and 1. They are not treated as numbers, and, in principle, to designate them, you can use any other characters. Pushkin - poet, Bool - mathematician. Boolean concept symbols 0 and 1 A. Pushkin expressed in the following lines: “We honor all zeros And units — themselves”. So genius A.S.Pushkin reflect the properties of human consciousness at the level of meanings in mathematical symbols Boolean algebra. Poetically expressed (here in a one-dimensional Boolean space) social attitude of the individual personality sounds through the relation 0 and 1.

Tempometry extends Boolean concept of symbols 0 and 1.

Tempometry draw attention to a strained expectation of moment.

The ratios, expressed in two-dimensional Boolean space are as follows: 0.0, 0.1, 1.0, 1.1.


Inside the Boolean arithmetic of two numbers unfold opportunities for all variations of values between zero and one - innumerable numbers of variations.


 In the subjective assessments of times seeming eternity and an instant can also be expressed in symbols of 1 and 0.

There are innumerable variations of the current time in motion to the moment, which with tension expects a person.


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